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Now you can track them via their mobile with the most powerful toolset on the market

Track mobile phones securely and affordably

When it comes to mobile phone monitoring for law enforcement agencies there's simply no other solution on the market today capable of delivering the range of mobile surveillance and analysis tools that Mulika does.

Mulika - The time tested and proven solution

Mulika gives investigators access to more information at higher levels of granularity than other forensic tools on the market. Mulika logs all the data streams issuing from the mobile device and archives them in an easy-to-use secure database. Use Mulika to capture and monitor:

  • Locations (via GPS as well as network cell ID)
  • Calls
  • Internet traffic
  • SMS
  • Chats
  • Address book entries
  • SIM changes
  • Emails

Use Mulika to reconstruct a full timeline for everything happening on the target's cell phone.

Maximize your organization's resources

With the recession hitting agency budgets hard, maximizing ROI on budget spending is becoming an increasingly significant consideration for directors.

Mulika helps you maximize your ROI by enabling you to pool together tasks that normally demand separate and costly surveillance teams and devices. Mulika brings together into a single easy-to-use cost efficient tool that accomplishes all the following tasks:

  • Location tracking
  • Mobile phone monitoring
  • Eavesdropping

Designed to let you do more with less

Mulika's positive impact on ROI goes beyond the aggregation of disparate tasks into a single platform. Thanks to its intelligent reporting options Mulika helps maximize your team's efficiency also when it comes to sifting through and analyzing the collected data. It's the first consumer level mobile phone application of its kind to allow quick zeroing-in on individual traffic, phone numbers, times and locations. Mulika can even be easily upgraded to allow for the simultaneous tracking of multiple phones and networks.

Mulika is constantly updated so your teams can respond to events in real-time!

Quick access to tools traditionally mandating lengthy processes

If you've considered using solutions like Siemens' "Surveillance in a Box" package or had access to government initiatives like "ECHELON" or "Carnivore" you're well aware of the complexities involved in getting access to and deploying these digital forensic solutions. One of Mulika's greatest advantages for agencies lies in the fact that it delivers many of the same powerful tools but at a fraction of the price and without all the accompanying hassle.

"...Professional tools at affordable prices..."

We recommend Mulika EXTREME solution for law enforcement

However feel free to explore our full product line

Benefits to you

  • Allows you to keep real-time tabs on whom your spouse chats, emails and SMS messages with
  • Ability you to judge via GPS positioning where they REALLY are vs where they SAY they are
  • The subject of your surveillance may be using a different SIM to circumvent conditions of release. SIM Change Notification will notify you if they try this.
  • Ability to analyze and identify their network of contacts
  • You can search their history of messages for key cheating words
  • You can set up alerts for specific numbers so that you can listen in to live calls.

Agency budgets are at an all-time-low & department heads are hard pressed to maximize ROI. Mulika helps you increase agency efficiency by bringing together into a single cost efficient platform all the following tools:

Location tracking
Mobile phone