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Are you a suspicious CHEATER, concerned parent or worried employer? Do you need to confirm that your partner is sexually faithful, that your child is safe or that your employees are behaving? The only way to know for sure is to spy on their mobile device and remove the doubt. Spying on their mobile will let you know where they've been, who they've been chatting with and the websites and applications they use. And Mulika’s unique Call Interception also lets you listen-in live on their phone conversations. Take control of your relationship with Mulika.

Your mobile spy in their pocket

Install Mulika on a mobile phone and spy on every type of communication, track SMS and GPS locations, browser and application activity — you can even take control of the camera and microphone — all from a web browser. Mulika is also the only product available that offers Call Interception and Spy calls — letting you listen to phone calls and surrounding sounds as they happen. If you need to get the truth by spying on a mobile , Mulika will give you more features in an easier to use package than any other mobile monitoring software available.

Mulika Makes You Knowledgeable

What Will You Know When You Spy On A Mobile?

What Mulika lets you do
  • Intercept and listen to live mobile phone calls
  • Open the mobile microphone and listen to the surrounding sounds
  • View all Pictures, Video and Audio stored on the mobile
  • Read instant messages - including Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and more!
  • Remotely activate the mobile's camera
  • View web history, bookmarks and app usage
  • Spy on a mobile phone's address book, notes and calendars
  • Receive geofence and keyword alerts by email
  • Check out the full mobile phone spying features here

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Spy on a mobile phone from a Web Browser

The spy data captured from the mobile is compressed and encrypted and sent to your private portal where you can browse, search, flag and analyze all communications ─ you can even download reports to create the hard evidence you need. With so much power, there can be a lot of data, so we provide a powerful Alert wizard ─ that sends you notifications when “hot words” appear in messages or when fenced locations are entered. Mulika Mapango many more mobile spy features than can be described here ─ read on to discover why spying on a mobile is a great way to understand your child, CHEATER or employee. Use the interactive spyphone feature explorer below, or check out our spyphone feature comparator to understand the power of Mulika Mpango

Why Choose Mulika to spy on a mobile

Think of Mulika as the master craftsman versus the sweatshop. Since 2005, when we created the worlds first spyphone, we continue to design, develop, test, market and support all our own products. Nothing is outsourced and everything is done under one roof ─ by one team with mobile surveillance in their DNA. We put happy customers above money, which is why we are the only company to offer a genuine, 10 day, no-quibble money back guarantee ─ and our Live Support team are part of the company and are continually involved in product development ─ So when you choose Mulika mobile SMS spy, not only are you getting one-of-a -kind features like Call Intercept, but also a decade of mobile software experience and a proven technology that’s been used by over a million people around the world

Two Versions, Infinite Possibilities

Decide Now. Download and Discover In Minutes

Mulika Mpango comes in two versions ─ PREMIUM and EXTREME.
PREMIUM is more powerful (and cheaper) than the copycat products ─ it's the choice for value shoppers.
EXTREME is the most powerful spyphone in existence ─ with every feature we have ever invented, it's the choice of the professionals who won't compromise possibilities.

Mulika Mpango

For general monitoring and spying. PREMIUM provides more features at a lower cost than the rest
  • Facebook, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Skype, iMessage, SMS, BBM, WhatsApp
  • Call Logs, Address Book, Notes, Calendar
  • Photos, Videos, Music, Wallpapers
  • Applications, Bookmarks, Web History, Locations
per month

Mulika Mpango

EXTREME is the only product available that offers true Call Interception. Only for the most demanding detectives.
Capture, Monitor, Listen
  • Includes all PREMIUM features plus
  • Listen to and Record Phone Calls
  • Control Microphone and Camera
  • Spoofing Tools
per year

Secure Payment - No Vat Charged

spy on mobiles like apple, android, nokia, blackberry

Works with Android phones and tablets., Blackberry 7, Symbian and any iOS device from 6.x to 7.0.4.
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Buy now and spy on a mobile phone in minutes ─ you'll get instant access to the data, and we've made the installation super easy. And we're always here on live chat to help even after the sale ─ finally, we have a no-quibble 10 day money back guarantee to make you feel even more secure.

Oh, and should you decide to buy a copycat spy product instead ─ or if you are unhappy with your existing spy phone ─ then talk to us, we'll trade it against a copy of Mulika Mpango EXTREME.
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If you have a committed relationship with your partner or are responsible for a child or employee


To protect your relationship, spy on their mobile phone